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Motive of this site is to make people  Know about ancient powerful temples, And to preserve them.We don’t require any donations or contributions,Just go visit these temples.The more these temples are visited,The more I succeed in writing this article. 


 Sri Maragathavalli Sametha Sri Varamoortheeswarar Temple at Ariyathurai

This Temple is situated in a Village called Ariyaturai near Kavarapettai.

Exact address is: Ariyathurai,Keezh Muthalamped (post),Kavarapettai (via),Thiruvallur (dist). It is located  between Ponneri and Gummidipoondi.  

“Sri Maragathavalli Sametha Sri Varamoortheeswarar Temple at Ariyathurai “.

The name itself tells the meaning.

This shiv lingam is 6 thousand years old, and the temple building is around 1500 years old.Once upon a time the temple was flooded by water. This Shiva Lingam was carved in the Gods age which we call it as Devargal Kaalam(Era of Devas)

 About this Temple:

 There are many ancient temples in North Chennai, the oldest among them is “Sri Maragathavalli Sametha Sri Varamoortheeswarar” Temple located at Ariyathurai .

There are some more temples which are related to this temple. Pallikondeswaram alias Suruttapalli representing Tatpurusha face, Vamadhevapuram alias Arani near Periyapalayam (not North Arcot) representing Vamadheva face, Varamoorthy Kshethram alias Ariyathurai representing Sadhyojatha face, South Gokaranam alias Chinthamaneeswaram – Kattur near Minjur, the place where Brahma Aranya river merges with sea representing Aghora face of Lord Shiva.

 All these temples are many thousand years old and since they have been created by Sages, the base of the lingam (avudayar) will be in square shape.

There is tunnel under this tree which is connecting Sri Vadivudai Amman Temple in Tiruvatriyur. The female godess Sri Maragathavalli Sametha was found from Manali which is near Tiruvatriyur. Goddess Maragathavalli herself took birth as the daughter of king Chitrasena, who had no offspring for a long time, and when the child grew into a beautiful woman, Lord Siva came and married her in the Swayamvara. This Shiva Lingam statue is the oldest statue that I ever found.

 Construction and Architecture of the Temple:

 For any mass construction it’s been said that we can use up to maximum 32 amsams (Construction Techniques), but this temple is constructed with all 32 techniques.

 Fish symbols are carved in the roof and also inside the Temple .But please don’t confuse it with any old flags of the Kingdoms Cheras, Cholas or Pandiyas because there’s not a single hint on who constructed this Temple.

 This temple is in the banks of Brahma Aranya river, considered to be created by Lord Brahma, flows in North Chennai and merges with sea at Pazhaverkadu.(This river is called as Terkil oru Gangai) Many sages have meditated at the banks of this river and created many temples. Out of these, in five places they have contained all their meditative powers into Shiva lingams and built temples.

 They are called Pancha Brahma Sthalams, representing the five faces of Lord Shiva and they are:Ramagiri alias Thiru Arikarai in Andhra near Suruttapalli/ Nagalapuram representing Ishana face of Lord Shiva.

 The birth of this Brahma Aranya river was by Lord Shiva for Roma Maharishi, after his centuries of prayers Lord Shiva Appeared. In HINDU DARM any Hindu before his death he has to take bath in Ganges to wash off  his/her sin, Roma Manarishi just asked this wish from Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva by his grace, asked Roma Maharishi to close his eyes and told him to feel Ganges water in his body. Roma Maharishi followed Lord Shiva’s words and when he opened his eyes he realized that he was under a river. Since it is a creation of Lord Shiva, this river has the same power which Ganges has. That river is Terkil oru Gangai (Brahma Aranya River). Proof of this temple is in the Madurai Tamizh Sangam.

 Reason why this place is called as Ariyaturai:

  “Ariya means beyond understanding Turai means small amount of water oozing from the land. When there was research conducted about this water it’s been confirmed by the Archaeological Department that the minerals and salts matches 100% exactly with the water of Ganges. We don’t have any answer how or why.

 The Story behind this Tree:

There is a thousand year old tree, under that tree you can see a saints statue (Roma Maha Rishi) you can see Roma Maharisha even in Kala Hasthi Temple near Gujasthambam. Roma Maharish is the saint who worshipped lord Shiva under this tree for 1000 years, and this happened 6000 years back. Its been said that the trees real age is 6000 years, after many centuries and after many natural calamities the tree is still alive, last time it started growing was 1000 years back from the remaining roots left by the last Natural Disaster…

 This is a old papal tree, which is called Aswatha vritcham. When there was a quarrel between Baama and Rukmani (on who will marry Krishna), Lord Krishna want to hide from Baama and Rukhmani, as per the advise of Naratha Muni, he searched a place in Earth and became a tree for around 1000 years, after long search Baama and Rukmani both decided to marry Krishna. If we worship this tree its equal to see Maha Vishnu directly.

 Specialty of this Sri Varamoortheeswarar Temple:

 Music, Pava vimochanam (Relief from Sin), any boon you wish, Vidhya (Education), Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarthi.

 The roof of the temple is called as Vidhanam. In the roof of the temple we can see a painting of lizard, and a snake swallowing moon/sun, you can see these in Kancheepuram temple and in Sri Kalahastri for Naga Dosham, Kala Sarpa Dosha and Puthra Dosham. If we visit this temple we need not have to visit kancheepuram temple of Sri Kalahastri. This temple gives mocha, which is said to be the end for saints. This temple is a Parihara kshetram. We have Swayambu Bairavar which is the main god in this temple; by worshiping this god we can overcome the Fear of Death. There is no Nava Grahas in this temple, worshiping Nava Grahas started after this Devargal Kallam.

 About this village and care taker of the temple:

 This village has around 40 families. You can a see an old house in the left-hand side of this temple which is the house of the temple’s care taker. This family is taking care of this temple from centuries; I met the wise person who will be 75 in his age who has a son and grandson who are taking care of this great temple.

 It’s usually said that we cannot even take a hand of sand from Lord Shiva’s Temple, and especially in this temple you mess up anything then it’s your fate.

 This village doesn’t have road facility, proper electricity, school or hospital..

Instead of building new temples by wasting resources, we should take care and preserve the ancient Temples which already exist. It’s every Hindu’s responsibility to preserve these ancient and powerful temples for the future generation; the older the temple is the more powerful it will be, especially Lord Shiva’s and Lord Muruga’s Temples.

 Let’s preserve these kinds of old temples. People go to famous temples; those temples are not powerful as equal to these ancient temples.

Sthala vruksham: Arasa tree

God: Varamoortheeswarar facing east

Goddess: Maragathavalli facing south

Other main shrines: Kala Bairavar,Balasubramaniar, Vinayakar

 Address of the temple:

Sri Varamoortheeswara temple,
Kizhmuthalambedu (Post),
Kavarapettai (route),
Thiruvallur district,
Pin: 601 206

 In North Chennai there are many historic ancient temples; Few of the Temples names and locations are mentioned below :

 Pallikondeswaram alias Suruttapalli representing Tatpurusha faceVamadhevapuram alias Arani near Periyapalayam (not North Arcot) representing Vamadheva face.Varamoorthy Kshethram alias Ariyathurai representing Sadhyojatha face.South Gokaranam alias Chinthamaneeswaram – Kattur near Minjur, the place where Brahma Aranya river merges with sea representing Aghora face of Lord Shiva.

 Some important places where we can find ancient temples more than 1000/2000 years are: Madhavaram( Ancient days this place was called as Ma -Thava -Varam), means place where many saints worship or meditate god for years and centuries).This place was a thick forest where saints prefer this place for meditation and worship.

 Gnayiru Gramam, Shiva and Suriyan Temple, which is around 2500 years old. This is 22km from madhavaram.

 Vadivudai Amman Temple in Tiruvatriyur: Vadivudai Amman Temple at Tiruvotriyur, several centuries old, eulogized by poets, scholars and devotees alike, affirms the splendor of Indias religious tradition and spiritual ethos. It shrines as a place of attainment or “Moksha”.

 Behind Madhavaram Bus Stand: There is a very ancient Shivan Temple which is around 1200 to 1500 years old.

 3kms from Ponneri we have Bala Subramaniyar Temple which is in Ayyana Kuppam( In this temple Lord Muruga will be young in the morning, adult in afternoon and old in evening) this temple is around 1500 to 2000 years old.

 Sirvapuri Murugan Temple, This holy place visited and sung of by Saint Arunagirinathar and currently called Chinnabedu is situated 35 kms from Madras on the Gummidi Poondi route.( This temple is very powerful for 3 wishes of any human, Shelter, Marriage, and Occupation), This temple is around 2200 years old.

 We have Periyapalayam we have many ancient temples in north Chennai( Tiruvallur Dist)

 Near Chinnabedu there is one more Sivan Temple called “ AnadhaValli Ambigai Udanaagiya Arulmigu Agatheeswarar Swamy Temple. Its been said that this temple is again 2000 years old, and Agathiya Muni has worshiped Lord Siva in this temple.

Will meet soon with some interesting and old apowerful temples.

Please write feedbacks to hsharanh@aol.com

Siruvai Murgans Arul

Hari Sharan

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